Opportunities for Tijuana in the semiconductor sector

By Manolo Pasero 

June 18, 2024

The Economic Development Corporation of Tijuana has partnered with the Government of San Diego to enhance the region’s semiconductor industry.

In a significant step towards enhancing Tijuana's semiconductor sector, the Economic Development Corporation of Tijuana (Tijuana EDC) has carried out different efforts with the with the Government of San Diego. Their collaborative effort aims to create a comprehensive strategy to strengthen the region's semiconductor industry.

At the core of this strategy is a focused effort to strengthen the relationship between universities and companies. Recognizing the important role of higher education in developing specialized talent, the initiative emphasizes building strong university-company partnerships. This involves developing tailored undergraduate and postgraduate programs designed to meet the specific needs of the semiconductor industry.

By aligning academic curricula with industry requirements, the collaboration aims to equip aspiring professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the semiconductor field. This proactive approach not only addresses the current skills gap but also ensures a sustainable pipeline of capable individuals ready to contribute meaningfully to the sector's growth and innovation.

Beyond individual skill development, the partnership between the public sector, universities, and companies holds the promise of broader economic revitalization. By strengthening the local semiconductor ecosystem, the initiative aims to create new opportunities for economic progress and job creation in Tijuana. Additionally, it marks a strategic move towards positioning the region as a significant player in the global semiconductor industry, fostering competitiveness and attracting further investment.

In summary, this collaborative effort signifies a comprehensive approach to economic development, one that utilizes the synergies between academia, industry, and government to drive innovation, prosperity, and inclusivity within Tijuana's growing semiconductor sector.

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