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Members and associates of the firm are bicultural and bilingual in Spanish and English, with extensive experience in the fields of foreign investment, international collection, loan security, litigation, real estate, taxes, customs, environmental, immigration, labor and employment. among others.

Practice areas

Corporate and Foreign Investment

Since its constitution, Pasero Abogados, S.C., has been advising foreign investors on investment projects in Mexico, as well as representing Mexican investors in co-investment projects with foreign investors, and representing them before the various corresponding government agencies.

Our firm offers a broad range of experience from organizational, operational and transactional matters, including the planning of corporate structures, incorporation of companies, preparation of shareholders’ agreements, joint ventures and other corporate arrangements. Our corporate attorneys regularly counsel clients on matters related to organization and structure, provide advice on matters arising in day-to-day operations, assist in negotiating and documenting financing and business expansion transactions, and provide guidance in acquisitions, sales, mergers and divestitures.

Specific legal services offered by our corporate attorneys include: negotiating and preparing agreements for business combinations and divestitures, including asset and stock purchase, sales transactions, mergers, consolidations, reorganizations, liquidations, divisions and similar restructurings; negotiating, on behalf of lenders and borrowers, secured and unsecured bank and other institutional loan agreements, mortgages and similar financing instruments, and many more.

At Pasero Abogados, S.C., we also handle the corporate books and records for our clients, consulting with their tax and financial advisors and auditors, to keep our clients in compliance with their annual legal obligations.


The travel and leisure business is diverse, opportunities are great but risks are many. The market is booming as developed markets mature and emerging markets create new wealth. You have to know where consumers want to go, and what they expect when they get there.

Success in the business of financing, building, buying, selling and managing hotels, resorts and tourist attractions requires long hours and hard work. You have to know when to turn over, or tune up, high-value assets. You have to be smart, quick and careful. And while it helps to be lucky, there is no substitute for experience and planning.

At Pasero Abogados, S.C., we have a longstanding commitment to helping investors, developers, operators and service providers turn concepts into profitable realities. With a global team in major financial and destination markets, we are always up-to-date on trends, best practices and the laws and regulations that govern your activities.

Real Estate

Pasero Abogados, S.C., can advise clients on the legal issues involved with the acquisition and financing of commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Our assistance often begins with the preparation of a due diligence report, reviewing the various areas related to property ownership, including lien searches, easements and limitations of domain, agrarian reviews and litigation, real estate taxation, public and private service agreements, municipal permits and licenses, agreements with authorities, and other related services.

We are typically involved in the drafting and negotiation of the property’s purchase and sale agreement, trust agreements, as well as the preparation of the title opinions for the issuance of title insurance and any other applicable document, including the obtainment of federal, state and municipal authorizations required, depending of the particularities of each project.

We also have broad experience in real estate transfers including leasing, bailments, surface rights, usufruct, easements and trusts.

In addition to our real estate practice, we have an extensive experience in corporate, foreign investment, labor law, immigration and environmental matters, which allows us to assist you through each phase of your project in Mexico.


Our banking practice handles a variety of financing and funding transactions, including asset-based financings, letter of credit and other trade finance facilities, investment grade bank and non-investment grade credit facilities, commercial paper and medium-term note programs, leasing transactions, portfolio sale transactions, interest rate swaps and other capital market transactions.



Pasero Abogados, S.C., has extensive experience in handling all types of immigration matters. We have taken care of the aspects related to the entry of our executive and technical clients to Mexico

For individual clients, we offer legal advice to obtain temporary or permanent residence in Mexico, or even to apply for Mexican nationality. Due to the growing demand for immigration matters, we also advise and represent clients in relation to the fulfillment of their obligations with the National Institute of Migration.


Pasero Abogados, S.C, has broad experience in managing all type of immigration matters. For United States Immigration matters, we refer cases to our completely independent immigration advisor with a US law degree. We have experience in immigrant and non-immigrant visas in the employment and family sectors. For individual clients, we offer legal guidance on obtaining a temporary or permanent residence in the USA or even applying for American citizenship for children and adults.

Our geographical position demands immediate immigration solutions. We also advise and represent clients in regard to compliance of their obligations with the United States and Citizenship Immigration Services.

Labor Law

Through the years, Pasero Abogados, S.C., has advised clients on employment and labor matters. We have supported our clients in the opening and establishment of domestic and multinational business concerns throughout Mexico, identifying the main labor and social security obligations applicable, based on the company’s business or activity.

  • We participate in the design of labor strategies in the case of mergers, acquisitions, sale of the business, windup, employee transfers and the operating aspects of the company, and any other matters that involve the interpretation and application of the Federal Labor Law (Ley Federal del Trabajo) and appropriate regulations.
  • We offer professional assistance in handling labor relationships with the personnel of a business enterprise (including the termination and rescission of individual employment agreements), as well as relations with unions.
  • We are experienced in the negotiation and renewal of collective bargaining agreements, carefully managing union dealings.
  • We conduct labor compliance audits with respect to the application of preventive or corrective measures.
  • We provide professional advice on compliance with workplace standards, under applicable law—the Federal Labor Law, federal regulations regulating security, health, and environmental standards in the workplace (Reglamento Federal de Seguridad, Higiene y Medio Ambiente de Trabajo), and applicable Official Mexican Standards (NOMs)—that require the employer to take accident and illnesses prevention measures and to provide adequate health, safety and environmental conditions in the workplace.
  • We assist in the preparation and review of individual labor agreements of all kinds, as well as the appropriate regulation and payment of employee benefit plans, administrative controls such as receipts, time reports and overtime.
  • We support companies in developing employee benefit policies, savings funds, private pension plans and complementary arrangements under the tax laws, employee stock option programs, and sales commissions or bonuses.
  • We have been actively involved in the creation and registration of mandatory mixed commissions (training, safety and hygiene, profit sharing and internal workplace regulations, among others).
  • We assist in the study and analysis of severance processes with respect to individual and collective labor agreements.
  • We assess the labor implications of service agreements between our clients and the individuals and companies they hire, as well as the proper implementation of workplace policies they have in place.
  • We provide counsel in such areas as profit sharing, employer substitution, labor mediation, benefits, confidentiality agreements, etc., attending to inspections conducted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare at the federal and state level.

Maquiladora Industry

To encourage industrial production, Mexico allows duty-free and permit-free importation of materials for processing, assembly or finishing for final export. Exempted from foreign investment rules, maquiladora companies, as they are called, may be entirely foreign controlled. The government has further facilitated such manufacturing activity by opening the Mexican market to these manufactured goods under certain circumstances and in increasing percentages. Although the in-bond industry can be located anywhere in the country, most activity remains concentrated in cities along the United States border, serving as a gateway to U.S. markets. Our lawyers work closely with manufacturers on issues including incorporation, leasing, construction, contracts, labor relations and the establishment of land trusts when necessary. In addition, we negotiate “shelter” programs to allow manufacturers to begin production without facilities of their own. The companies involved in the in-bond industry have been the first to benefit as trade relations Mexican Maquiladora Legal Framework

Civil and Commercial Litigation

While Mexico is generally not as litigious as other countries, litigation is nevertheless a fact of life that faces many clients doing business here. The services provided by Pasero Abogados, S.C., add value to our clients involved in litigation by helping them to fully comprehend the scope and extent of a judicial action, as well as to provide legal alternatives. We understand the disruption and the cost, both in time and money that litigation can cause. When litigation cannot be avoided, our goal is to minimize the disruption and manage the litigation as efficiently and economically as possible.

  • We assist in the enforcement of guarantees due to the breach of contracts.
  • We work to resolve lawsuits and disputes of our clients in an effective efficient manner, be it by means of the negotiation, arbitration or litigation before federal, state or municipal tribunals, always keeping in mind the needs of the client. Similarly, we work jointly with our clients to define strategies both with respect to the matters entrusted to us, as well as to prevent and minimize the risk of future litigation.
  • We advise clients on litigation strategies, monitoring and representation in commercial arbitration procedures, as well as commercial and civil litigation in all its phases, including appeal and Amparo.
  • Likewise, we specialize in the validation and execution of foreign judgment sentences and arbitration resolutions, as well as in special judgments insolvency and bankruptcy procedures.


Pasero Abogados, S.C., Environmental attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help clients on all environmental matters. Our firm represents clients before Federal, State and Municipal administrative agencies regarding environmental matters, including obtaining permits, licenses and authorizations related to land use, waste management, hazardous materials and pollution.

Our environmental lawyers work closely with attorneys in other practice areas of the firm to advise on environmental issues and to ensure that environmental issues do not delay acquisitions and financing.

Pasero Abogados, S.C., offers, among others, the following services in this area advising on:

  • Compliance with federal, state, and local environmental legislation and designing environmental management programs.
  • Preparing due diligence investigations for acquisitions and financing.
  • Carrying out voluntary environmental audits to measure compliance with environmental legislation.
  • Drafting environmental clauses in agreements.
  • Obtaining environmental permits and approvals, including concessions required for water use.
  • Preparation and coordination of environmental impact studies.
  • Supervision of environmental consultants
  • Environmental litigation and administrative proceedings.
  • Remediation requirements.
  • Environmental operational procedures and systems.

International Collection and Lenders' Security

During the past years, we have assisted our clients in issues related to asset-based lending in Mexico. We can analyze and provide the best structure and security devices applicable, including the execution of due diligences, in order to confirm the asset’s legal ownership as well as to verify that such assets are free of liens and/or encumbrances.

Our team has the experience to provide legal counsel and assistance in preparing documentation on the structuring and restructuring of loans, credit operations with special guarantees, including loan structuring with pledges, promissory notes, industrial mortgages, guaranty trusts, letters of credit and others.

In addition, Pasero Abogados, S.C., has assisted in the execution of enforcement actions in Mexico on behalf of lenders.

Tax Planning

Pasero Abogados, S.C., provides specialized legal support to its clients in tax and social security matters including, tax audits performed by the federal and local tax authorities related to federal and local taxes and social contributions, appeals at the administrative level, handling of suits filed before the tax or contentious administrative courts, or constitutional (Amparo) proceedings.

In general, our tax department plays a valuable preventive role by intervening in the corporate, commercial and contractual areas, and can supervise and set up strategies and legal structures tailored to our clients’ needs.

Government Relations and Lobbying

Pasero Abogados, S.C., a nonpartisan law firm, has developed through the years strong relationships with several authorities, always based in integrity and mutual respect.

We have performed special negotiations on behalf of our clients before Local, State and Federal Authorities. Time after time, clients have achieved their objectives through the work that Pasero Abogados, S.C., has facilitated with various government authorities

Cannabis and Law

The cannabis sector and its derivatives are becoming an issue of great importance in the legal field both nationally and internationally. Anticipating this change, PAB Pasero Abogados, a leader in legal services, is equipped and ready to advise both local and multinational clients with regard to the continuous evolution of policies, laws, and regulations related to cannabis. Likewise, we are committed to structuring and implementing comprehensive solutions throughout the country in relation to this burgeoning industry.

At PAB Pasero Abogados, we have a multidisciplinary team of lawyers with experience in various areas of practice, including a strong presence in the field of life sciences and health. Our team specialized in the cannabis industry offers unparalleled knowledge and experience to our clients, which include producers, wholesalers, retailers, technology companies, private equity funds, and other leaders in this constantly growing market.

Legal Background and Evolution of Cannabis in Mexico


Pasero Abogados, S.C., handles matters related to acquiring any kind of international, national or local franchise, amending exiting franchise agreements and the negotiation and sale of international, national or local franchises.

In addition, our franchise practice also contemplates the preparation of new franchise agreements, franchise termination agreements, franchise registrations, franchising contracts and ongoing compliance counseling, as well as the preparation of disclosure documents and shareholder or operating agreements.

Foreign Trade

With the growth of free trade, import and export restrictions have been eased and customs regulations are becoming less troublesome both for foreign companies conducting business in Mexico and for Mexican companies pursuing international markets.

Our firm is well versed and actively handles customs matters for our clients. A great number of our clients’ are involved in assembling and manufacturing products under the IMMEX (Maquiladora). To encourage industrial production, Mexico allows duty-free and permit-free importation of materials for processing, assembly or finishing for final export.

Sports and Entertainment

The Sports and Entertainment Law practice of Pasero Abogados, S.C., takes an integrated approach, incorporating our experience in corporate, immigration and intellectual property as well as our seasoned team of skilled litigators. Our attorneys counsel sports and entertainment clients on contractual issues as well as topics such as business development, corporate structures, regulatory compliance, antitrust and trade regulations.

As skilled negotiators, we consult with clients on league governance, labor unions and governmental entities regarding matters arising in the construction of sports facilities, environmental projects, operational compliance with municipal regulations and other ongoing government relations.

For our entertainment clients, we regularly advise on a wide variety of commercial issues such as contract disputes, intellectual property matters and real estate transactions.

Our Experience is your Success




Pasero Abogados provide an effective solution to your needs.

Tijuana B.C., Mexico

Blvd. Agua Caliente 4558-403

(+52) 664 686 5557

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